How to Improve Internal Communication in 10 Steps [Infographic]

According to a Towers Watson study, companies with highly effective communication practices enjoy 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared to organizations with poor communication. That’s a pretty incredible stat, yet so many companies refuse to believe that investing in their own internal communications is truly worth the effort. The saying, “People don’t quit businesses. They quit managers” comes to mind. Employee buy-in and commitment to work hard is the real-life consequence of this endeavor.  Either companies are encouraging better communication or they are not. Take time to make sure your business is investing time into these 10 ways to improve internal communication. With such seemingly common-sense practices put in place, a business can greatly increase productivity, morale, and teamwork.

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7 Tips for Managing a Remote Team[Infographic]

It has been an odd year to say the least. COVID19 has changed how we live life and how many of us work. With cases drastically climbing, this fall may easily turn into another work-from-home session for many companies to help keep employees safe and community Corona cases down. Working remotely can prove quite challenging for some teams. Keeping up morale, production goals, and a smooth workflow takes more time and concerted effort when working remotely. Make sure you incorporate these tips to make the transition as smooth as possible for your team.

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How to Handle Employee One-on-One Meetings[Infographic]

Many employees dread their one-on-one performance meetings, but oftentimes that is due to feeling that they have no voice, are misunderstood, or that management doesn’t really care. This is a waste of time for a company all around. So how can you make sure these meetings are fruitful not only for your employees but management as well? Realize these meetings have a great purpose. This is not only time for top-down communication, but also communication from the bottom-up. Your employee should be allowed and encouraged to express their highlights and lowlights, what they believe is or isn’t working, and what their goals and desires are of themselves and their roles. People want and need to feel valued and are the heart of every organization. Make sure your company is taking advantage of these tips to make your meetings more productive and meaningful for everyone.

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How Companies Can Get 59% More Growth in Revenue [Infographic]

At times, producing and achieving growth in the workplace can seem complicated, even daunting. Often we find ourselves chasing abstract theories to increase sales or production, but really, getting back to the basics is all it takes. Have you ever heard of the additive effect? It’s a scientific concept emphasizing that each element of a compound has a unique role and it’s own added value in predicting an outcome. Basically, each piece is critical in order to get the desired outcome, so how is this concept applied to the professional world? Many studies have found the key elements to achieve significant natural growth in the workplace are effective managers, talented employees, an engaged workforce, and an environment built around employee strengths. Check out these key concepts to see what changes you can make in your company to naturally grow your revenue.

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Why your marketing strategy needs emojis [Infographic]

According to World Emoji Day, over 700 million emojis are used every day in Facebook posts, and more than half of all Instagram posts use at least one emoji. These little guys have won their way int0 every form of digital communication, and the marketing world is taking notice! 56% of brands that incorporated emojis in their email marketing saw higher response rates. Emojis allow consumers to connect with a brand at a more emotional level than compared to just text. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach your target audience at a deeper level!

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10 Ways to Build Stronger, More Successful Teams[Infographic]

Have you ever worked on a dysfunctional team? Morale and production are usually pretty low and watercooler chatter tends to only kindle the negative environment. It’s not enjoyable for anyone and is detrimental to a company. Luckily, with a little TLC, teams can turn from lackluster to brilliant functioning units. Check out these 10 ways to make your team stronger and more successful than ever.

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The Frozen Middle: the Plight of the Middle Manager[Infographic]

Internal communication is an essential function in every company. Without efficient communication, executive decisions and direction never make it to employees, and progress stalls. In companies of any size, middle management is often responsible for communicating strategy from executives to their direct reports. If the direction that is given by upper-level management is miscommunicated, the manager in the middle may pass incorrect or misguided instruction, delaying progress. This plight of the middle manager is often called the frozen middle.

This delay in transferring information can impact company success and cause frustration for employees. So what can a middle manager do if they get stuck in the frozen middle? JobHero outlines some of the best ways for managers to tackle this communication issue. From providing upward and downward feedback to identifying communication gaps, managers can learn to thaw the frozen middle and propel their company forward.

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The Power Behind Brand Archetypes [Infographic]

What is brand? How do you create it? There are lots of pieces that go into forming a successful, recognizable, and lasting brand. It is more than a logo or a slogan. More and more, successful companies are finding ways to attach their clientele to their brand in such a personal human way that brand loyalty is instilled for life. How do they do it? Check out the infographic below to see how the best in the business tie human voices to their brands.

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What Your Employees Want and Why You Should Care[Infographic]

According to Gallop, millennial employee engagement is at a dismal 30%. They define engagement by an employee’s enthusiasm and commitment to their work. That means the other 70% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. Those are pretty staggering figures, and those figures have a direct impact on the success of their corresponding workplaces.  What can companies do to change this? The company-employee interaction must change for the better if workplaces want to save hard earned revenue from being wasted by constant turnover and less than fruitful work hours. Check out the infographic below describing the major contributors to employee satisfaction.

 What your employees want and why you should care Image

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