The Value of Hiring a Virtual Assistant [infographic]

There are many people who are hesitant to tap into virtual assistants. The fear is that because they work remotely, they will not be committed to their jobs, will not have any accountability, and will take more work and money than they end up being worth, but these fears have been debunked. Remote workers are usually more dedicated than in-house employees and can save your company boatloads in operating costs. These individuals are driven, self-motivated people who want to work hard and do their job well so they don’t have to come into the office. Don’t be afraid. Take a look at these 6 stats that prove the value of hiring a virtual assistant.

The Value of Hiring a Virtual Assistant Infographic

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10 Qualities of a Great Salesperson [infographic]

What do you look for in a salesperson? When the interviews happen one right after the other, what are you looking for? Why does interview #2 stand out head and shoulders above #3 when the latter has far more experience? Experience isn’t always everything. Just because someone has been in a position for a while doesn’t mean they are necessarily good at it. People in sales positions need to be ridiculously optimistic, able to take rejection after rejection and, still have the gumption to go into that next meeting with a positive attitude knowing that eventually one will land. Resilience, wits, and enthusiasm are king. Take a look at these ten qualities you should be looking for in your next salesperson.

10 Qualities of a Great Salesperson Infographic

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What Every Sales Leader Needs To Track [infographic]

Having a sales process is incredibly important. Along with a hearty process, a tangible measuring system is imperative to see if you’re getting anywhere. Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs for short, are the metrics used to do this. These encapsulate data around sales opportunities, conversion rates, length of sales cycles, product performance, etc. These are what every sales leader should be measuring to make sure their team is well informed about areas of excellence and what areas need improvement. Take a look to see what sales leaders need to track to make sure they are making the most of every part of the sales process.

What Every Sales Leader Needs To Track Infographic

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Learning & Development: The Changing Landscape [infographic]

Employee turnover is a neverending issue for companies. Besides being costly, it is mentally exhausting for managers and other team members who feel the strain of a sometimes constantly revolving door of newbies. The toll of training, slower work production, and hand-holding gets old quick. Why has turnover become such a constant issue? Studies seem to suggest a large contributing factor may be the lack of continued learning and development. Employees don’t want to feel stagnant. If they don’t feel that their company cares to invest in them, they will find somewhere else that will. As usual, it comes back to valuing people and communicating that message regularly. Check out the stats and see how you can work to keep your employees happy and productive through continued learning and development.

Learning & Development: The Changing Landscape Infographic

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5 Golden Rules for New Year Career Goals [infographic]

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2024? It is true that the older you get, the faster the time flies. Since the time is going to pass by anyway, make the best of it. I know many people forgo New Year’s resolutions because they simply plan on not following through with them. I know I’ve been there, but what if there was a way to make your career goals a reality? With these 5 golden rules, you can finally follow through on your dreams and life desires. As with most things in life, sticking to goals boils down to a matter of perspective and realistic expectations. Check out these 5 golden rules for your new year career goals.

5 Golden Rules for New Year Career Goals Infographic

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20 Ways to Succeed at Work [infographic]

I think everyone can relate to today’s topic, “20 Ways to Succeed at Work.” We have all felt stuck in our careers at times, at a loss as to how to get out of the rut we find ourselves in, or feeling trapped in our current position or role. How do we combat this? Can we change our circumstances, or are we truly stuck? I am of the viewpoint that we always have a hand in our own future. How we conduct our own actions, the work or education we decide to put into something or not, and our attitude are all things within our control that make an impact on the world around us. When we impact our surroundings in a positive way, we are impacting the people and the work around us positively. The result is sensible then that positive change would come out of this. “Be the change,” is a very real notion, so here are 20 ways to succeed at work. Take them by the horns and ride!


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How To Recover from a Customer Service Fiasco[infographic]

Have you ever fallen flat on your face with a customer? I think everyone has, and if you haven’t yet, you will. Everyone has a story in their work career that makes them cringe where their mistake cost the company reputation or even funds. Now that I’ve made you think of that memory, take heart! You’re in good company. You can swap stories with almost anyone about these types of experiences. What is important, is that we learn from them. Handling a poor customer experience is a valuable skill that sometimes is learned the hard way. Pay it forward, and share your story with the new hires and young folk in the company. By providing a roadmap for them to follow, hopefully, the same mistakes can be avoided in the future. Check out the infographic to see a visual on how you can recover from a customer service fiasco.

How to recover from a customer service fiasco Infographic

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4 Ways to Attract the Best of the Best Talent [infographic]

Nothing can be more discouraging than when you make an unfortunate hire. The wrong people in the wrong positions can not only cost your company big bucks but can also cause a big blow to team morale. Filling positions quickly with the right individual is critical to continuous productivity and team mood. When positions remain unfilled for long or are filled with the wrong individual, team productivity suffers immensely and the risk of discouragement leading to other vacancies increases. How do you find the right hire then? How do you attract the best of the best? How can you feel confident in your choice and reduce the chance of a poor hire? Check out the infographic below to see four ways to attract the best of the best talent to add to your team.

4 Ways to Attract the Best of the Best Talent Infographic

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Tips for Optimizing Workflows to Boost Business Efficiency [infographic]

Tips for Optimizing Workflows to Boost Business Efficiency Infographic

This blog has been provided by my guest Trent Curry of Bizpromo. Thank you, Trent, for your great insight.

Efficiency is a critical element of running any successful business, and workflow optimization is an excellent way to achieve it. Optimized workflows help to minimize downtime, reduce errors, and increase productivity. By streamlining processes, you save time and money. But where do you begin? Shared by Justin T. Farrell, here are some tips on how to optimize workflows to ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively.

Reviewing Current Workflow and Processes

Start by analyzing your current workflow and processes. Determine what works and what doesn’t. Identify inefficiencies, areas of duplications, and bottlenecks that need immediate attention. Carefully study the data to understand how each process impacts the overall workflow. Once you have a clear picture, you can begin making changes, updating procedures, and optimizing processes.

Gathering Feedback from the Team

Your employees are the best source of feedback about your business workflows. Involve them in the optimization process; ask them what they think can be improved, and get their opinions on how to make the workflow more efficient. Engage employees by encouraging them to give feedback on workflows and process improvements. Feedback from the team can help to identify areas where workflows can be improved, and their suggestions may even result in new workflow procedures.

Speeding up Onboarding for New Employees

Many businesses underestimate the importance of onboarding new employees efficiently. By providing clear expectations, setting up a well-organized plan, and providing adequate training, your new hires will quickly become productive and feel comfortable in their new position. Streamlining the onboarding process can significantly increase productivity and decrease the amount of time it takes for new employees to be trained and up to speed.

Reducing Multitasking to Increase Productivity

Multitasking can be quite detrimental to productivity. It leads to errors and can significantly reduce efficiency. While it may seem like you’re getting more done by doing multiple tasks simultaneously, it can be counterproductive. Encourage your employees to focus on one task at a time and complete it before moving on to the next. Allocate time slots for specific tasks and make it clear that employees are required to focus solely on that task during the allotted time.

Using Intelligent Automation Tools for Optimal Efficiency

Intelligent automation tools are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to streamline their processes and workflows for optimal efficiency and productivity. With the capabilities of this automation success platform, businesses can automate time-consuming tasks, reduce errors, and improve overall accuracy. The platform can automate everything from data entry and document generation to customer support and marketing campaigns. By automating these processes, employees can focus on more strategic tasks that require human input, leading to higher job satisfaction and improved productivity.

Get Rid of Wasteful Meetings and Free Up Your Time

Meetings can be notorious productivity killers, and it’s essential to eliminate those that are unnecessary. Keeping all meetings concise, well-organized, and to the point can help to minimize time spent in unproductive meetings. An effective meeting agenda can also help keep discussions on track and identify action items for improved follow-up.

Boosting Collaboration

Collaboration is key to getting things done efficiently. Encourage teamwork among employees to foster active communication and collaboration. Implementing a project management tool can help improve collaboration by giving employees visibility into tasks, deadlines, and project status. A collaborative environment fosters healthy competition while also encouraging team members to work together to achieve common goals.

Project Management Apps for Solopreneurs

Even as a solopreneur, task management and workflow optimization are essential aspects of managing and growing your business. A project management tool can help you stay on top of tasks, automate workflows, and ensure all work is completed on time and efficiently. Project management tools can help you organize your work, prioritize your tasks, and set deadlines, freeing up time for other activities.

Optimizing workflows is crucial for any business looking to remain competitive. It helps reduce time wastage, improves productivity, and significantly reduces errors. However, this requires a commitment to review and analyze current workflows, gather feedback from employees, eliminate inefficiencies, and implement automation tools where possible. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to running a more efficient and effective business.

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12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss [infographic]

Is there anything worse than working for a horrible boss? I can’t think of much. There is nothing more dreadful than having the Sunday night blues that hit you at about 4 pm because you begin thinking about having to be at work the next day to work for that horrible person. It’s the pits. What makes some bosses so terrible? I’m glad you asked. Here are 12 characteristics of a horrible boss. As an employee, maybe you’ve been able to pin most of these already, or maybe this will help give you the vocabulary to understand why you feel the way you do. If you are on the flip side of this coin and are the boss, I encourage you to take a hard and honest look at yourself and your work style. Do you think your employees would describe you in these ways? The great thing is, it’s never too late to change and become a better leader. You will be happier and so will everyone else!

12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss Infographic

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