Learning & Development: The Changing Landscape [infographic]

Employee turnover is a neverending issue for companies. Besides being costly, it is mentally exhausting for managers and other team members who feel the strain of a sometimes constantly revolving door of newbies. The toll of training, slower work production, and hand-holding gets old quick. Why has turnover become such a constant issue? Studies seem to suggest a large contributing factor may be the lack of continued learning and development. Employees don’t want to feel stagnant. If they don’t feel that their company cares to invest in them, they will find somewhere else that will. As usual, it comes back to valuing people and communicating that message regularly. Check out the stats and see how you can work to keep your employees happy and productive through continued learning and development.

Learning & Development: The Changing Landscape Infographic

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Are You Suffering From Impostor Syndrome? [infographic]

Have you ever felt like an imposter in your job? Like you’ve fooled everyone into believing that you know what you’re talking about, but if they only know the truth, it would ruin you? Many people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Some may find it surprising to learn that the ever-present gnawing that bites at your thoughts all day long can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Not every person experiences this the same. If you suffer from this, there are things you can do to help build your confidence and build a more positive outlook. Check out the infographic below to find out which imposter you feel like and ways to combat it.

Are You Suffering From Impostor Syndrome? Infographic

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Graphic Design Trends for 2024 [infographic]

Graphic design trends are always in flux. Creative minds know no rules. If they do, they break them. Maybe that is why graphic designs ebb and flow as constant as the waves on the sea. Regardless, the latest styling is always something to keep half an eye on to make sure your content looks current and sharp. People are raccoons – easily distracted by the next shiny thing, so don’t write it off as an unimportant detail. Check out the latest graphic design trends for 2024 to make sure your content is on point and doing its best job for you.

Graphic design trends for 2024 Infographic

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2024 Content Marketing Predictions [infographic]

Still worried about your 2024 content strategy?  There is nothing worse than throwing money in the garbage for a half-baked marketing plan. Besides wasting money, you waste time, man-hours, potential sales, and possibly your credibility.  Take time and spend the resources to make sure you have a good marketing mind putting your hard-earned dollars towards the best strategy possible. Marketing matters. Your content matters. The tools and platforms you use matter. Check out these 2024 content marketing predictions to make sure your plan is sound and your resources well allocated.

2024 Content Marketing Predictions Infographic

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2024 Business Leaders Outlook [infographic]

It is crazy to think that the economy is still struggling to recover from the worldwide pandemic that hit in 2020. It is 2024 and still, we are working towards restabilizing what once was. Things are looking up. We have been on a positive trend despite intense inflation and record housing costs. Recession has been avoided and economists are optimistic about the future. Businesses are following suit reinvesting in themselves, their employees, and pursuing growth even though it’s an uphill battle. Perhaps it’s the American Spirit that lives deep in our bones that keeps businesses pushing for more and better despite formidable challenges. Whatever it is, I am happy to see that it is so. Be encouraged by this 2024 outlook of small businesses pursuing the American Dream.

2024 Business Leaders Outlook Infographic

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How Marketers Use Generative AI [infographic]

Artificial Intelligence is one of those things that makes people excited and nervous at the same time. It brings to mind movies we’ve seen where the AI that is meant to do us good suddenly decides it knows better than the humans and turns on us. Civilizations are shut down and robots and humans begin to war. Will this happen in real life? Time will tell I suppose, but for now, while we still have control, AI is pretty exciting. It is completely changing how businesses run from marketing to inventory tracking. Whether you are for or against it, AI is here to stay and is only in its infancy with boundless potential. For those of you who may be nervous, just remember that we always win in the movies.

How Marketers Use Generative AI Infographic

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The Future of Performance Marketing [infographic]

Performance marketing is taking the world by storm. Artificial Intelligence has changed everything and allowed businesses to target specific audiences in a whole new way that allows for measurable ROI. The rub between sales and marketing is often where success is credited. Did marketing really boost last year’s sales or was it just a fluke? So many business owners don’t like to throw money into marketing because so much of it cannot be clearly measured. Marketing plays a vital role in your sales, measurable or not, it absolutely needs to be done and done well. But for all those naysayers who doubt marketing’s power or impact, these new tools will encourage you do dish more of those dollars into your marketing budget. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the future of performance marketing.

The Future of Performance Marketing Infographic

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Video Marketing and Streaming Statistics [infographic]

If there was a silver bullet, a genie in a bottle to completely change the game in a marketing plan, video marketing would be it. Video marketing is the most impactful tool in the digital toolbelt. Its reach is ridiculous. Its impact on sales is undeniable. What’s more, people actively seek out videos. They want the content. They want to learn. How-to videos, product information videos – these are digital gold you want to take advantage of. So what’s the catch? How can you access this magical resource that will have an outstanding impact on your sales? The catch is – they have to be good. They need to be high quality from production to script to content or else you are wasting your time and money, but if you put in the effort and resources, sit back and enjoy the rewards of work well done.

Video Marketing and Streaming Statistics Infographic

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Improve Your Concentration [infographic]

Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused at work? Do pesky coworkers interrupt your brain flow? Finding and keeping concentration at work is a difficult business, and once that concentration is broken, it can be incredibly challenging to get it back again. How can we counter this? Check out these tips to get into a productive brain flow and stay there or regain it once it’s been interrupted. And forgive those pesky coworkers. You know that sometimes you’re the one poking your head in office doors!

Improve Your Concentration Infographic

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10 Qualities of a Good Boss [infographic]

Do you have the privilege of working for a good boss? Perhaps you don’t, or perhaps you are the boss and aren’t quite sure how you’re doing. Being a good boss is a delight and working for a good boss makes work a pleasure, but too often people find themselves with less than ideal leaders. So what makes a great leader? What makes the difference between the managers who have it and the managers who don’t? Check out these 10 qualities that make a good boss.

10 Qualities of a Good Boss Infographic

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