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The Digital and Graphic Design Trends of 2020 [Infographic]

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Digital expression is more important than ever before. Consumers have grown more complex in their visual expectations, and the desire to mix reality with fantasy has exploded as virtual reality increases in popularity and use. Mixed media and surreal representaions of product and data are making a splash that is changing traditional marketing schemes. Check out the design trends that will dominate the scene in 2020.

The Digital and Graphic Design Trends of 2020 Infographic Image
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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z(Infographic)

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The next generation of buyers is here. Gen Z is quickly gaining ground in the market accounting for 40% of consumers in 2020 with over 44 billion dollars to spend. Marketers are quickly realizing this thrifty, short attention spanned group is rewriting the book on consumer consumption. They process information faster and more selectively than previous cohorts and use media more intentionally. Check out this article to see the fascinating research that has marketers scrambling to get their piece of the Gen Z pie.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z (Infographic) Image
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Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 [Infographic]

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Do you want to make sure all of your hard work actually pays off? Then you will want to read the latest stats and strategies for 2020 surrounding video marketing. Across platforms, video marketing is the leading bait that attracts any and every audience. Make sure you are utilizing this tried and true element in your digital marketing.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 Image
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Marketing to Different Generations from Baby Boomers to Generation Z [Infographic]

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Knowing how to reach your audience is critical. Social Media has been a leading tool to reach poeple of all genertions, but it is important to know why and how these cohorts are using these platforms. From the latest Gen Z to Baby Boomers, Social Media continues to be a driving force in marketing and advertizing. Check out this article to see the latest stats on which generations respond best to the most popular social platforms.

Marketing to Different Generations from Baby Boomers to Generation Z Image
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What Consumers Really Want From Your Video Content [infographic]

Video use to be something special. Something only big brands had. That has changed and is now a necessity for ALL brands.

However, just having video content is not enough. You need to make sure your video content is catered to the needs of your consumers or followers.

Adweek just posted a great infographic showing a breakdown of what consumers want in video content. Check it out below, and if you need help discussing how video could help you and your brand, shoot me a note. I’d love to setup some time to help you process and strategize.

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Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook?

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There are many platforms available to post your video to, and it can be overwhelming to know which one is the best for your application.

We are here to help.

The quick answer – all of them.

Each of these three platforms, YouTube / Vimeo / Facebook, have benefits over the other platforms, and by posting your video to each of them, you are getting the combined results of all of them working together.

Let’s break them down.

Vimeo is a powerful and very professional platform. It is a great avenue to host your videos on, especially if you are sending proofs for others to view, or embedding videos into your website. They have very robust tools to allow easy integration into your current site and allow you the ability to brand / customize the viewing experience for your users.

It has detailed analytics built in to allow you to track information about your viewers.

The downside to Vimeo is that there are additional fees for the professional levels of the software.

Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook?

YouTube is currently the second most searched search engine that exists, right behind Google. Interestingly, they are also owned by Google, which means there is a seamless integration of your videos appearing in search results on Google.

Due to the large traffic that YouTube receives, posting your videos to YouTube opens the door for incredible potential, allowing for millions of users to potentially find your videos organically.

YouTube has powerful search algorithms built in, and constantly shows recommended videos next to the current video they are watching. These recommendations are built on previous videos they have viewed and search terms they have entered in the past.

Due to these recommends, the average mobile viewer on YouTube spends 40 minutes watching videos, often because their attention is captured from recommended videos.

With YouTube, it is easily possible for your videos to get thousands of views from people who have never heard of you before, all based off of their searches.

Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook?

Facebook is currently the largest social platform that exists, with 1.13 billion active users daily. At the same time, Facebook boasts they receive 8 billion video views on average every day. In recent years, Facebook has put tremendous energy and focus towards videos and has seen video take off among users.

Posting your video to Facebook increases your social reach, and puts it in front of the eyes of your followers on Facebook. Due to the focus on video at Facebook, Facebook places your videos in front of your followers more than photo or text posts. According to Facebook, video posts get an average 135% greater organic reach than posts that contain just a photo.

Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook?

By posting your videos to each of these platforms, you get the professionalism of Vimeo, the organic traffic from YouTube, and the increased social reach on your Facebook page. Together, you are getting the best impact of your video, which in return boosts your brand visibility and sales.

If you have any questions regarding these platforms, I would love to help. Shoot me an email at, and I would love to connect and help you through this journey.

– Justin Farrell

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PayProMedia is doing great things! I am always excited to walk into the office every day and see new ideas coming into action.

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