A Marketer’s Thanksgiving [infographic]

The end of November is upon us. People everywhere are traveling to gather with friends and family across the United States. Some look forward to the turkey while others could skip dinner altogether to dig into the sweet potato, pecan, apple, and pumpkin pies. Let’s have a bit of fun and take the Thanksgiving meal to the marketing table. Check out the graphic below to see how one of the best meals of the year translates into a marketer’s feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Marketer's Thanksgiving Infographic

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How to Ask for a Raise [infographic]

The topic of pay is always awkward. It always feels like a tightrope act of balancing the humbling ask for an increased wage with not getting steamrolled or seeming greedy. It is possibly the most dreaded of all discussions with your boss, but take heart! It doesn’t have to be. Whether you’ve been in the same position for a long time or have recently received a pseudo-promotion, there are many ways you can broach the subject with poise and class. Check out these 5 different scenarios that give you good reason to ask for a raise with the least amount of awkwardness.

How to Ask for a Raise Infographic

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How To Dream Big [infographic]

Everyone has a dream. A vision of the reality they would love to see themselves in. For many of us, this takes shape in the form of a particular career position. Maybe you picture yourself as the president of your division or as the owner of your own business. Regardless of your dream, there are many things you can do to convert an idea into a concrete existence. Check out these 19 steps to help bring your dream down from the clouds and into your everyday reality.

How To Dream Big Infographic

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5 Step Negotiation Process [infographic]

If Marketing is doing its job, it is bringing in sales leads. If Sales is doing its job, it is capturing those leads and cultivating relationships. Once the needs are discovered and a match of services is made, the time comes for negotiation. What are you willing to promise, give away, or hold tight to? How much are you willing to bend and compromise? The main thing to remember is negotiation is not an Us vs. Them situation. The goal is to find a solution that benefits both parties and furthers each party’s goals. When negotiation is done well and the work is done well, relationships flourish and long-term partnerships emerge. If negotiation goes poorly, it only hurts you and your long-term goals. Check out this 5 step negotiation process that will help guide you to a positive result that will benefit both parties.

5 Step Negotiation Process Infographic

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5 Steps to Ensure Small Business Success[infographic]

Thinking of stepping out on your own? Starting a business can be very appealing but also very daunting. The attraction of being your own boss and pursuing a passion makes work much more appealing, but it comes at a price. Your success rests on you and you alone. The time, thought, and resources that are required to begin a business are immense. Some people aren’t up for the challenge or the risk, but for those who are, the process can be exceedingly rewarding even if it doesn’t turn into the million dollar business you hoped it would. If you’re considering starting your own business, there are several things you can do to make sure you begin well and give yourself a good fighting chance. Check out these 5 steps to ensure small business success.

5 Steps to Ensure Small Business Success Infographic

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How To Recover from a Customer Service Fiasco[infographic]

Have you ever fallen flat on your face with a customer? I think everyone has, and if you haven’t yet, you will. Everyone has a story in their work career that makes them cringe where their mistake cost the company reputation or even funds. Now that I’ve made you think of that memory, take heart! You’re in good company. You can swap stories with almost anyone about these types of experiences. What is important, is that we learn from them. Handling a poor customer experience is a valuable skill that sometimes is learned the hard way. Pay it forward, and share your story with the new hires and young folk in the company. By providing a roadmap for them to follow, hopefully, the same mistakes can be avoided in the future. Check out the infographic to see a visual on how you can recover from a customer service fiasco.

How to recover from a customer service fiasco Infographic

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How to Create Content for a Well-Balanced Marketing Blog [infographic]

Blogs are critical piece of the strategic marketing pie. Blogs that attract and engage keep consumers coming back for more and set up your brand as a leader in the space. By establishing yourself as a heavyweight in the space, brand confidence, loyalty, and clout naturally follow. Blogs can greatly impact this. By creating a well-balanced blog with enticing information that satisfies your consumers’ appetite for information, you increase trust and your brand’s reputation. If you fail to provide good information and are more or less filling space and time with your blogs, your engagement will reflect that. Check out how to create an appetizing and well-balanced blog to keep your audience coming back for seconds.

How to Create Content for a Well-Balanced Marketing Blog Infographic

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16 Things Successful People Do at the Start of Every Workday[infographic]

Believe it or not, successful people tend to express similar daily life habits. From regular exercise to practicing gratefulness to saying, “No,” successful people regulate their workday in various ways that improve productivity and clarity of thought and function. While beginning new habits can seem daunting, it needn’t be. The book, “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear is a great resource to get you started. Remember – one step at a time. Nobody gets anywhere all at once. It’s a journey, so give yourself grace and enjoy the ride.

16 Things Successful People Do at the Start of Every Workday Infographic

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How to Quit a Job the Right Way [infographic]

Leaving a job can produce a spectrum of emotions from elation to sadness. For some, the few days left in their current position leaves them fidgety and distracted while others feel the pressure of finishing absolutely every project they can before they go. While all of these emotions are fine to feel, there is good reason to check them whatever they may be. Letting your emotions get the better of you can result in burnt bridges or resentful workmates. Whatever your motive and feeling about moving on to the next gig, be sure to climb the last mountain of your current job by leaving well. This means not gloating about the move, not leaving excessive work undone, and not trusting your workmates to be able to handle the work left to them. You always want your current employer to be interested in taking you back. You never know when hard times will come and you may need them. Check out the infographic below to see how to quit a job the right way.

How to Quit a Job the Right Way Infographic

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12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss [infographic]

Is there anything worse than working for a horrible boss? I can’t think of much. There is nothing more dreadful than having the Sunday night blues that hit you at about 4 pm because you begin thinking about having to be at work the next day to work for that horrible person. It’s the pits. What makes some bosses so terrible? I’m glad you asked. Here are 12 characteristics of a horrible boss. As an employee, maybe you’ve been able to pin most of these already, or maybe this will help give you the vocabulary to understand why you feel the way you do. If you are on the flip side of this coin and are the boss, I encourage you to take a hard and honest look at yourself and your work style. Do you think your employees would describe you in these ways? The great thing is, it’s never too late to change and become a better leader. You will be happier and so will everyone else!

12 Characteristics Of A Horrible Boss Infographic

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