Long time…

Wow, it has been almost three months since I have done anything… Shame on me! Well, updated design – Check! More consistent with updates… I’ll have to check that one off later!

Too excited?!?

Is it possible to be too excited over one specific day in Chapel? I think not! I am looking forward to Christmas Chapel this year which is coming up this Thursday. There has been a lot of thought… Read More

Awesome Toilet Pranks

Why is life always so busy!

Life, for me, is busy, and I am sure that many people can relate to that feeling. As each day passes by, it seems that more things get added to the ‘To-Do’ list than completed/erased. This is the… Read More

Week 2…

The second week of school for the year is already over.  It seems like it is already flying by, yet at the same time, it has been very busy!  With taking 18 credit hours, plus homework, chapel, and… Read More