The second week of school for the year is already over.  It seems like it is already flying by, yet at the same time, it has been very busy!  With taking 18 credit hours, plus homework, chapel, and special events, I tend to keep very busy. 

Something about this year already feels different though than last year…  Coming back this year as an upper classman changes my perspective on a lot of things.  I can remember last year not wanting to do certain things because I was ‘made’ to do them, like Growth Groups, Chapel, being in by curphew, and having to eat at Alpha for all my meals.  This year I now have the option about whether or not I do these certain activies (except Chapel, but I love it anyway!).  I now have the option of whether or not I go to Growth Groups, I get to change my meal plan to what is better fit for me, and I have curphew exemption.  There was just something about those limitations last year that would make me upset, even though I never needed to stay out past midnight, nor did I have a reason to NOT go to Growth Groups.  I now enjoy going to Growth Groups, even though I do not HAVE to go, I still want to.  Chapel has been amazing so far, and I look forward to a great year with the many different speakers and topics we will have.   

This year is different!  I can already feeling God working in ways that I do not remember last year!  I feel like more of a leader than I did last year.  I hope that, throughout the course of this school year, God will use me to change the lives of many people here on campus!  I also pray that God will continue to change me.