Marketing to Gen Z [infographic]

Generational differences are fascinating subjects. Each cohort has its distinctions that set it firmly apart from the others. Just take a look at attention span alone. Gen Z has the attention span of a goldfish at a meager 8 seconds while Boomers have more than double that at 20 seconds. Simple facts like these can help you tailor your marketing to the proper audience. 20 seconds to 8 seconds is a massive difference. A one-size-fits-all approach is going to be a waste of time and money. That’s why it is so important to understand who you are targeting. So if the wee lambs are your main audience, here’s the ultimate marketing guide to Generation Z.

Marketing to Gen Z Infographic

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Graphic Design Trends for 2024 [infographic]

Graphic design trends are always in flux. Creative minds know no rules. If they do, they break them. Maybe that is why graphic designs ebb and flow as constant as the waves on the sea. Regardless, the latest styling is always something to keep half an eye on to make sure your content looks current and sharp. People are raccoons – easily distracted by the next shiny thing, so don’t write it off as an unimportant detail. Check out the latest graphic design trends for 2024 to make sure your content is on point and doing its best job for you.

Graphic design trends for 2024 Infographic

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2024 Content Marketing Predictions [infographic]

Still worried about your 2024 content strategy?  There is nothing worse than throwing money in the garbage for a half-baked marketing plan. Besides wasting money, you waste time, man-hours, potential sales, and possibly your credibility.  Take time and spend the resources to make sure you have a good marketing mind putting your hard-earned dollars towards the best strategy possible. Marketing matters. Your content matters. The tools and platforms you use matter. Check out these 2024 content marketing predictions to make sure your plan is sound and your resources well allocated.

2024 Content Marketing Predictions Infographic

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How Marketers Use Generative AI [infographic]

Artificial Intelligence is one of those things that makes people excited and nervous at the same time. It brings to mind movies we’ve seen where the AI that is meant to do us good suddenly decides it knows better than the humans and turns on us. Civilizations are shut down and robots and humans begin to war. Will this happen in real life? Time will tell I suppose, but for now, while we still have control, AI is pretty exciting. It is completely changing how businesses run from marketing to inventory tracking. Whether you are for or against it, AI is here to stay and is only in its infancy with boundless potential. For those of you who may be nervous, just remember that we always win in the movies.

How Marketers Use Generative AI Infographic

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Realities of Marketing Pipeline Growth [infographic]

With one month gone, sales and marketing teams may already be feeling the squeeze of meeting their sales goals for Q1. With budgets rarely what anyone would wish for, marketing teams everywhere try to make something out of mostly nothing. With so little dollars to go around, creativity, know-how, and charm are the grease behind most pipeline productivity. The comfort of this? Almost everyone is in the same boat. Check out the stats compiled in this survey of marketers sharing the challenges and solutions they’re pursuing in 2024.

Realities of Marketing Pipeline Growth Infographic

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Key Events To Plan For in 2024 [infographic]

January 2024 has almost come and gone already! It is hard to believe. Looking to the rest of 2024, we have a lot to look forward to. Below is a list of key dates and cultural events to keep an eye out for throughout the coming year. These dates, events, and monthly focuses are great tools to incorporate into your marketing campaign. These are things your audience is aware of, interested in, and engaging with, so take advantage and be aware of these easy points of connection.

Key Events To Plan For in 2024 Infographic

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Dos and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing [infographic]

Social media is a large part of any business’s brand and success today. It is the easiest and hardest way to connect with your customers. What do I mean? Doing your social media well can increase followers, build trust, and distinguish your company as a leader and thinker in your space. If done poorly, you will lose followers, destroy trust, and show yourself to be an amateur- not just on social media but in your industry. The takeaway? It’s important. You need to do social media well. You need to take time to educate yourself and your staff. You are either helping yourself or hurting yourself all of the time. Make sure you are helping your business thrive by checking out these essential dos and don’ts for social media marketing.

Dos and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing Infographic

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8 Visual Trends in 2024 [infographic]

If you are looking to refresh the look of your branding and marketing in 2024, look no further. Check out these 8 visual trends of 2024 that will grab your audience’s attention. With so much visual competition, it’s important to put in time and effort to make sure your content and branding are beautiful and engaging. These latest industry trends can help guide you in the right direction and help you start 2024 off on the right foot.

8 Visual Trends in 2024 Infographic

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Observing Generational Marketing Differences [infographic]

There are currently six living generations in the United States. Six large groups of people that have very different ways of thinking, interacting, and ways of approaching life as a whole. This presents a challenge to many businesses when it comes to their marketing strategy. The stark differences between generations mean that you cannot simply rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, you most certainly cannot. To successfully capture audiences in each generation, you must tailor your content, messaging, and message platform to fit and appease the behaviors of each group. Yes, this requires a bit of extra work and time, but the reward is well worth it. Check out the infographic below observing the generational marketing differences we see in today’s consumers and how to capture each.

Observing Generational Marketing Differences Infographic

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How To Use Google Ads [infographic]

You take and use marketing any way you can get it in order to produce results. One great tool to add to your toolbelt is Google Ads. Google Ads is a powerful ally that can be highly effective if leveraged correctly. Make sure you don’t waste your time and marketing dollars investing in this medium by not putting in the proper thought and effort into what really makes this tool advantageous. Know your audience, choose compelling messaging, make great landing pages, and always include a call to action. Check out how to productively use Google Ads and take advantage of this great tool that turns marketing into sales.

How To Use Google Ads Infographic

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