Test Your Fears

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” – Japanese Proverb This past week, I spent some time in Las Vegas for a conference with work. There was a lot of work spent preparing for this past… Read More

2013 is the year.

2013 is now underway. It began just a few short days ago – but there is still a lot of year left. And guess what – this is the year. This is the year for showing love. This… Read More

A New One Has Come

The time has come. Another year has finished, with a new one starting. It is hard to believe how quickly time goes by. It seems that every year goes by quicker and quicker. Which has brought me to… Read More

Take a break… But don’t stop.

After 16 long years, I finally got the opportunity to walk across the stage to receive my Grace College Bachelors degree and diploma. ¬†¬†That day was not too long ago for me, and I still remember the thoughts… Read More