Product Review: PodPocket ImageSince receiving and reviewing my Apple AirPods a couple months ago, I have had the opportunity to play around with accessories specifically for the AirPods. Shortly after getting my AirPods, I was contacted by PodPocket asking if I wanted to try out their product. Of course!

And they arrived just in time. My summer was filled with a lot of travel, and these turned out to come in handy.

The PodPocket is a holder that can attach to any loop as a handy little carrier for your AirPods case. As you can see in the picture, I connected my PodPocket to my backpack for easy transportation and access this summer.

PodPocket Product Review ImageAt first, I was a little skeptical. The AirPods are expensive, and I did not want to lose them by the case slipping out of a carrier that is dangling around on my backpack.

However, I was quickly impressed. The PodPocket is a rubber case that tightly grips the AirPod case. It takes some energy to slide the case into the PodPocket, reassuring the safety of the AirPods.

The rubber PodPocket is built for easy opening of the AirPods case, allowing smooth access to the AirPods inside. The bottom of the PodPocket has a large enough hole to charge the AirPod case without having to unclip the PodPocket from my backpack.

Overall, I would highly recommend these PodPockets. For only $19.95, how can you not try them out? Check out their website, Twitter, and Instagram. I am sure you will be highly impressed as well!

Have an accessory for your AirPods that you like? Let me know!