Start by Jon Acuff Book Image

Punch fear in the face.
Escape average.
Do work that matters

Those are just the statements from the cover of the book. And Jon packs the book full of hundreds more that will be memorable and motivating. Grab a pad of sticky notes – you will need them!

I picked up this copy of Start, by Jon Acuff, a few months ago, and just got around to reading it this past week. Wish I would have read it sooner.

Jon has an amazing way of taking a potentially tough subject, and simplifying it into language that everyone can connect with and pull from. And better yet, be motivated by.

In this book, Jon breaks down the necessary steps everyone must take to move from Average to Awesome. A path that many aspire to, yet few do. Ever wonder why? Jon knows.

While it seems easy, in thought, it takes work. Hustle. Motivation. Passion. Most people don’t push through.

Jon shares a ton of wisdom on how to make that push and to keep going. He also breaks some powerful misconceptions that have been around for decades about the journey to awesome.

If you are looking to escape the average and begin your journey to awesome, pick up this book. You won’t regret it.

Start, by Jon Acuff Book Image