Christmas Around the World [infographic]

I always find it fun to look at different aspects surrounding the holidays we celebrate every year. It’s not uncommon for us to not even know the reason why the celebrations occur or the various traditions surrounding them. This week I thought it might be fun to recognize how different parts of the world celebrate Christmas. We know and see why and how we celebrate, but what about in Jamaica or Australia? Take a look at the infographic to learn how other parts of the world are going to be celebrating Christmas this year.

Christmas Around the World Infographic

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20 Ways to Succeed at Work [infographic]

I think everyone can relate to today’s topic, “20 Ways to Succeed at Work.” We have all felt stuck in our careers at times, at a loss as to how to get out of the rut we find ourselves in, or feeling trapped in our current position or role. How do we combat this? Can we change our circumstances, or are we truly stuck? I am of the viewpoint that we always have a hand in our own future. How we conduct our own actions, the work or education we decide to put into something or not, and our attitude are all things within our control that make an impact on the world around us. When we impact our surroundings in a positive way, we are impacting the people and the work around us positively. The result is sensible then that positive change would come out of this. “Be the change,” is a very real notion, so here are 20 ways to succeed at work. Take them by the horns and ride!


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6 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation [infographic]

LinkedIn is an incredible tool that can be a huge asset when generating B2B leads. The catch? You have to put in some work, but it is well worth the payout! You can use LinkedIn to your advantage by making meaningful connections to qualified leads by doing a little leg work through creating original content, focusing on a proper target audience, and building meaningful, lasting relationships. Put the time in now and watch your efforts pay out dividends. Take a look at these 6 expert tips to improve your LinkedIn generation strategy.

6 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation Infographic

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A Global Look at Holiday Shopping [infographic]

The holidays snuck up on us faster than ever this year it seems. Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is fast approaching. It seems as soon as November hits, everyone flips the switch and the holiday shopping begins in a frenzy. Believe it or not, the expected global holiday spending for 2023 is expected to be around 1.56 trillion dollars. Trillion. Do you need to sit down? Because that is an incomprehensible number. Forget about the ensuing locker pitch. I just couldn’t ignore the amazing data in this graphic. Check out the mind-blowing global holiday shopping breakdown from mobile shopping and e-commerce to specific days of expected spending booms. The numbers are incredible.

A Global Look at Holiday Shopping Infographic

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A Marketer’s Thanksgiving [infographic]

The end of November is upon us. People everywhere are traveling to gather with friends and family across the United States. Some look forward to the turkey while others could skip dinner altogether to dig into the sweet potato, pecan, apple, and pumpkin pies. Let’s have a bit of fun and take the Thanksgiving meal to the marketing table. Check out the graphic below to see how one of the best meals of the year translates into a marketer’s feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Marketer's Thanksgiving Infographic

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How to Ask for a Raise [infographic]

The topic of pay is always awkward. It always feels like a tightrope act of balancing the humbling ask for an increased wage with not getting steamrolled or seeming greedy. It is possibly the most dreaded of all discussions with your boss, but take heart! It doesn’t have to be. Whether you’ve been in the same position for a long time or have recently received a pseudo-promotion, there are many ways you can broach the subject with poise and class. Check out these 5 different scenarios that give you good reason to ask for a raise with the least amount of awkwardness.

How to Ask for a Raise Infographic

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How To Dream Big [infographic]

Everyone has a dream. A vision of the reality they would love to see themselves in. For many of us, this takes shape in the form of a particular career position. Maybe you picture yourself as the president of your division or as the owner of your own business. Regardless of your dream, there are many things you can do to convert an idea into a concrete existence. Check out these 19 steps to help bring your dream down from the clouds and into your everyday reality.

How To Dream Big Infographic

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What is the Origin of Halloween? [infographic]

Halloween has arrived. Millions of children around the world will be dressing up in fun costumes to trick or treat, carve pumpkins, and bob for apples. While these are the activities that make up Halloween today, its origins are very different. I always find it interesting to look into the history of these holidays that we so often take part in and celebrate without really knowing why or how they began. So here it is. Check out the ancient origins of Halloween and how it has evolved over the last 2,000 years.

What is the Origin of Halloween? Infographic

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Observing Generational Marketing Differences [infographic]

There are currently six living generations in the United States. Six large groups of people that have very different ways of thinking, interacting, and ways of approaching life as a whole. This presents a challenge to many businesses when it comes to their marketing strategy. The stark differences between generations mean that you cannot simply rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, you most certainly cannot. To successfully capture audiences in each generation, you must tailor your content, messaging, and message platform to fit and appease the behaviors of each group. Yes, this requires a bit of extra work and time, but the reward is well worth it. Check out the infographic below observing the generational marketing differences we see in today’s consumers and how to capture each.

Observing Generational Marketing Differences Infographic

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How To Use Google Ads [infographic]

You take and use marketing any way you can get it in order to produce results. One great tool to add to your toolbelt is Google Ads. Google Ads is a powerful ally that can be highly effective if leveraged correctly. Make sure you don’t waste your time and marketing dollars investing in this medium by not putting in the proper thought and effort into what really makes this tool advantageous. Know your audience, choose compelling messaging, make great landing pages, and always include a call to action. Check out how to productively use Google Ads and take advantage of this great tool that turns marketing into sales.

How To Use Google Ads Infographic

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