14 Things to Never Say in an Interview [infographic]

Have you ever put your foot in your mouth in an interview? Sometimes you realize it the second the words leave your mouth, other times it comes at 3 o’clock in the morning – the one line that lost you the job. Whether through carelessness, tiredness, or simply unpreparedness, those faulty words cost you a job you wanted, so how do you avoid repeating this head slap moment in the future? First thing’s first – practice. There are plenty of practice interview questions online to make sure you can be properly prepared for what they may throw at you. Always be honest but in a professional way. This is not a time to make friends. This is a time to impress your knowledge and poise on your interviewer, and obviously, there are just things you should never ever say. Take a look at the 14 things you should never say in an interview and what to say instead.

14 Things to Never Say in an Interview Infographic

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