The Neuroscience Of Storytelling

Have you ever thought about the neuroscience of storytelling? I’m guessing most people haven’t but knowing the how and why behind branding through storytelling is more interesting and scientific than I ever thought possible. Our brains are wired to latch on and remember stories more than anything else. Neuroactivity abounds when we hear a story because they are built to touch so many different centers of our brain from emotional and language regions to sensory regions like sight and smell. Stories engulf their listeners in a narrative they can’t peel away from – if it’s a good story, told well. Telling your brand story is your company’s opportunity to captivate an audience. Take advantage of the neuroscience of storytelling and make sure you find a unique place in the memory of your audience. Take the time to craft and turn over different lines and points of emphasis. The better-told story is the most remembered.

The Neuroscience Of Storytelling Infographic

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