Customer Loyalty Through Online Order Packaging [Infographic]

This week’s blog has been provided by guest Jeremy Zielie, a Content Marketing Specialist for digital marketing agency Straight North.

How To Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

Customer loyalty is an essential part of any business that relies on returning customers. As online purchasing continues to grow, marketers need to adapt and create new ways to establish these long-lasting connections. In fact, it is forecasted that US retail eCommerce sales will grow by 16.1% in 2022.

One of the best ways to create customer loyalty in our digital age is through online order packaging. Packaging is more than just a box used for transporting the product. It can create a lasting first impression that can attract customers back to your business. If you are interested in learning a few tips to make your packaging stand out, review the resource below.

Infographic created by Chicago Tag & Label