7 Apps to Save Time as an Entrepreneur

Photo: Unsplash

This guest blog has been provided by Dean Burgess of Excitepreneur.net. Thank you Dean for your insight.

Efficiency is critical when it comes to running a small business or trying to advance your career. There is only so much time in a day, and chances are, you always have more than you can do showing up on your desk. 

Not only do you need to get all of your tasks done, but you also need some time left over to foster your health, wellbeing, and relationships. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools on the market that can help you attain that. 

Below, Justin T. Farrell has listed seven of the best types of apps for entrepreneurs and professionals. Incorporating these into your routine will give you more free time to enjoy life!

  1. Cloud Storage Apps     

These days, storing files and media in the cloud just makes sense. It’s secure, saves a lot of time, and makes it easy to keep your information organized. Use an app like Dropbox to quickly backup your files, share files with remote employees and clients, and sync your files across all of your accounts.

  1. To-Do List Apps

As previously mentioned, you likely have an overwhelming to-do list. Why not use an app to help you manage it? There are plenty of to-do list apps on the market. Todoist and Microsoft To Do are two of the most popular options. Zapier notes that they make it easy to set deadlines, delegate tasks to team members, and add notes.

  1. Digital Signature Apps

If you work regularly with agreements and other documents that require signatures, you will be amazed by how much time and stress a digital signature app can save you. 

For instance, DocuSign allows you to quickly prepare and send digital documents to others, and the recipient can sign the document with their finger or stylus. This eliminates the need to scan, fax, or send paper documents through snail mail.

  1. Scanner Apps   

A good scanner app can save you time and stress. Rather than having to invest in a physical scanner, you can use an app like CamScanner, which turns your tablet or smartphone into a scanner and allows you to save images as a JPEG or PDF. 

A mobile scanning app will also help you keep your critical paperwork organized. And your clients will appreciate the convenience! 

  1. Project Management     

If you ever have projects that require two or more people to collaborate, you can keep everyone on the same page by using project management software. The best products will allow you to create projects with tasks, due dates, and instructions. 

You can then assign them to the appropriate team members and use messaging to communicate throughout the process. Basecamp, Asana, and Monday are some of the most popular project management tools available.

  1. Video Apps

Graphics and video have never played such a large role in a variety of business functions, especially in marketing. Video is also important when it comes to collaboration. In this day and age, in-person meetings are less common than they once were. Many companies have realized that they can conduct effective meetings through video conferencing apps like Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Whether you are meeting with staff or clients, using this type of app will allow you to easily communicate through your computer, tablet, or phone. 

  1. Accounting Apps

What business owner doesn’t need a little help managing their finances? Truly, it’s one of the hardest parts of managing a business, and, as NuWeb Marketing points out, there are apps on the market that can help you keep your money organized and your goals in sight. 

Look to QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Xero to set up an online accounting system that can keep you financially sound and up-to-date on your taxes, payroll, budget, and many other areas. You can try this invoice maker to create custom invoices. These will help get your accounts paid on time.

If you want to run a successful business without sacrificing your quality of life, it’s critical to find ways to make your operations more efficient. Using any or all of the types of apps above can help you accomplish that. Keep researching other tools that can help you grow your company and create more free time for your personal life.