Hunter and Farmer Sales Model [infographic]

Ever heard of the Hunter and Farmer Sales Model? It’s the idea that when you decide to add a salesman to your team, you have two general directions you can go. Hunters are more of your classic style sales guys. They are eager and hungry, willing to cold call, never discouraged to receive 9 “No’s” knowing that one “Yes” is sure to land, and because they know that hard, persevering work will reward them with that plump, motivating payout. These guys are often self-motivated and independent while able to connect and build rapport quickly with strangers. Farmers on the other hand have a different approach. While hunters move in for a quick and decisive kill, farmers play the long game, cultivating relationships over time. Instead of the numbers game, they prefer the people game. This style usually lends itself better to Account Executive positions as opposed to Field Sales. Farmers genuinely desire to learn and build deep and lasting relationships with their clients with the mindset of partnership instead of a quid pro quo. So if you’re looking to add a new sales team member, think about your goals and your culture. Ask the right questions when interviewing candidates to make sure you get the best fit for your team.

Hunter and Farmer sales model Infographic

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