2013 is the year.

2013 is now underway.
It began just a few short days ago – but there is still a lot of year left.

And guess what – this is the year.

This is the year for showing love.
This is the year for generosity.
This is the year for helping hands.
This is the year for caring for the needy.
This is the year for change.
This is the year for making an impact.

This is the year.

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A New One Has Come

The time has come. Another year has finished, with a new one starting.

It is hard to believe how quickly time goes by. It seems that every year goes by quicker and quicker. Which has brought me to think a lot over the past few months – if time is going by so quickly, am I using my time effectively?

I watched a video yesterday called “What’s Your Sentence?” I decided to write one for myself. “His desire and passion was to be a helping hand and make a difference in this world.”

What is your sentence?

As we move into this new year – take some time to reflect on how you are using your time. Are you doing what you enjoy? Are you making a difference?

Make your sentence. Live it out.

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