Being a sales professional is a tough job but can be very rewarding. This role requires a person to be able to separate themself from their job. There is a lot of rejection in the sales world – especially the cold calling world. The sheer amount of rejections can be daunting for those who struggle to separate themselves from their work. Those who thrive in this role know that nine “No’s” means a “Yes” is just around the corner. They are confident, personable, and can pivot their pitch easily to match the potential customer and their needs. Self-motivation and the ability to work independently are musts. If you are looking to hire a sales professional, keep these things in mind.  Make sure you are looking for the correct qualities when hiring, and once hired, remember to be encouraging and appreciative of this difficult and demanding job. Check out the infographic below to see which qualities make the best sales professional.

Qualities of a Great Sales Professional Infographic

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