Leaving a job can produce a spectrum of emotions from elation to sadness. For some, the few days left in their current position leaves them fidgety and distracted while others feel the pressure of finishing absolutely every project they can before they go. While all of these emotions are fine to feel, there is good reason to check them whatever they may be. Letting your emotions get the better of you can result in burnt bridges or resentful workmates. Whatever your motive and feeling about moving on to the next gig, be sure to climb the last mountain of your current job by leaving well. This means not gloating about the move, not leaving excessive work undone, and not trusting your workmates to be able to handle the work left to them. You always want your current employer to be interested in taking you back. You never know when hard times will come and you may need them. Check out the infographic below to see how to quit a job the right way.

How to Quit a Job the Right Way Infographic

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