Everyone has heard the saying that your website is your best employee. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no 401k, benefits, or vacation all on a modest salary. Your website is a colossal asset, and it is not something you should allow to fall behind in design. Design trends and consumer preferences change over the years which means your website needs refreshed every few years. Refreshing is fairly simple with little cost, a few thousand dollars usually, but a total reboot can land anywhere from $10k-$40k depending on your needs. Of course, these numbers always come as a shock to many companies, especially smaller ones, but it is worth every penny! Make sure you get it right by finding the design agency that best fits you. Don’t go in unaware, prepare, set aside a healthy budget, and listen to the experts in the field to make the most bang from your buck.

How to Choose the Right Design Agency Image

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