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Four Steps To Inbound Marketing Success

Many recent conversations I have partaken in revolve around inbound marketing and the differences between push (interruptive) marketing and pull (inbound) marketing. Out of those conversations, I have realized that people struggle to fully grasp inbound marketing, and often over complicate the process.

The inbound marketing methodology is a simple four step process.


Attract your potential customers to your website by generating quality content that is of interest to them. We live in the world of information, and people constantly turn to the internet to get answers. By generating content that helps educate your potential customers, you are building a level of trust with them that will cause them to return to you over and over. Promote this content to them within social media and email marketing.


With traffic coming to your website due to your content generation, it is time to capture leads by offering premium content to your viewers. Premium content tends to be slightly more advanced than what you publicly offer on your blog, and can be in the form of ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, checksheets, or videos. Throughout your blog, implement calls-to-action that attract viewers to the premium content and drives them to landing pages, where the offer is given to the viewer in exchange for simple information. Once they complete the form, they are directed to a thank you page where they gain access to the premium content, and a new lead was input into your system. Congrats!


As time progresses, prospective customers in your system continue to interact with your content and digital marketing efforts. The more interaction that happens, the warmer the lead becomes. Oftentimes, a warm lead who has show continued interest in your company becomes an easy sell.


While gaining new customers is important, once someone becomes a customer does not mean the process is complete. It is now time to delight the customer and keep them happy. A happy customer means a loyal customer and a long relationship. Make sure to focus heavily on customer support and customer happiness. Evaluate every contact point with your company that a customer may have. Is it the best experience possible? If not, make it.

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Inbound Marketing: No Need For Cold Calling

We’ve all experienced it. Answering your phone to an unknown voice trying to sell you on a product or service that you have zero interest in.

But wait, technology has advanced.  Now, we have caller ID to scan the call before we even answer.  Minutes after ignoring the call, we get a voicemail with the salesperson stating they will try back later.  Sure enough, they keep calling and calling, and we keep getting more frustrated.

Cold calling has been a large sales tactic for many years. With call centers located all over the world, people are paid to sit and call unknown numbers and try to sell them on the latest and greatest.

While this technique was previously effective, it is quickly becoming a way of the past.

It has come time to forget cold calling, and start calling warm leads.  With inbound marketing, generating content that people desire and find useful attracts potential customers to your website.  Once there, draw them into premium content through landing pages and calls-to-action, while providing the premium content for some simple information in return.  This lead generation technique starts to build a contact database of leads who have shown interest in your company.

As time progresses, and prospective customers continue to interact with your digital marketing, your leads become warmer and warmer, without even picking up the phone. When a prospective customer becomes a warm enough lead, it is then time to follow up with the lead via phone or email, but have a connection and starting point with that lead already.  They know you.  They know your company.  They have shown interest in you.

Does it get better than that?

People are no longer frustrated at your brand because you kept annoying them with consistent phone calls, but rather, they reached out to you first because they need you.

Stop being interruptive, and start pulling.

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Inbound Marketing Using Social Media

The introduction of social media into the digital world changed how people use the internet. Prior to social media, people went online for short periods of time to do research and gather the information they were looking for. With social media, people spend a considerable amount more time ‘connected’ to the digital world. They are constantly refreshing their feeds to get the latest scoop, often spending hours every day online.

This change has brought about an interesting twist in marketing over the past several years. Companies started changing their mindsets to think, “Where does our target audience spend their time?” The answer for many, social media.

At PayProMedia, we view social media marketing as an integral part of our inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing centers on the idea of generating relevant content that is helpful to your target audience and using that content to attract prospective leads.

So, where does social media fit with inbound marketing?

Social media is a critical avenue in promoting and sharing the content you have generated. Remember earlier when we talked about going to where your audience spends their time? Take your relevant content to them, and promote it on the platforms where they are spending their time.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when promoting content on social media:

Optimize for the platform

It is important to optimize your posts for each platform. The way you promote content on Facebook will be different than how you promote it on Twitter. Each platform is unique, and draws users for different reasons. Appease those different reason by tweaking your content to fit appropriately.

Use a platform to track your link click rates

There are many tools available that allow you to track clicks on a URL you promote. This allows you to review analytics of your content promotions and to tweak your content and methods to see what may get a better click-through rate. Oftentimes, the tool also shortens the URL, making it more user friendly.

If relevant marketing is important to you and your business, take the time to develop a solid inbound marketing strategy and use social media marketing effectively. It may seem like a large increase in work, but it will help your business succeed in the long run.

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FREE Mobile Marketing Solution – Give it a try!

PayProMedia is doing great things! I am always excited to walk into the office every day and see new ideas coming into action.

One of the latest items is TxtConnect! TxtConnect is a mobile marketing SMS platform that allows you to connect with your customers in an avenue that is close to them – their pockets! Mobile marketing with TxtConnect allows for marketing to your audience through SMS text messages that are sent directly to their cell phone…

The best part, its free!
Check it out now at mytxtconnect.com and let me know your thoughts!

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What is your reputation?

Whether you will accept it or not, every brand has one – a reputation.

Your reputation is a valuable asset, or it can be a huge turnoff. It all depends on how well you care for your reputation. Is it something you think about, or do you just brush it off?

Truth is, that should be one of the largest concerns of any company. The best form of marketing is Word of Mouth Marketing. What your customers say to their friends and family, who then talk to their friends and family, is your reputation. It spreads. And fast.

A bad experience.
A poor attitude.
A broken product.
A messed up drink.
People dont forget. In fact – they share.

So what are you doing to improve your reputation? How are you treating your customers differently than everyone else?

Stand out. Be different. Put that strong memory in your client’s minds that they will share with their networks and bring you future customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing is the best form of marketing – because it does the work itself. Take advantage of it. Use it.

You won’t regret it.

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Test Your Fears

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”
– Japanese Proverb

This past week, I spent some time in Las Vegas for a conference with work. There was a lot of work spent preparing for this past week, and once the day had finally come, I felt ready. The displays were setup. The flyers printed. The promo material arrived and displayed. Lets get this show on the road!

Yet – little did I know, the plans would not go as fully planned.

When it came time to present the new services of PayProMedia, CEO Matt Hoskins began to move towards the stage, and stopped to turn around, look at me and say, “Get up here.”

Someone slam the brakes! This was not the plan. I am not a public speaker. I am supposed to be the person in the back holding the wall up and smiling.

With no time for preparation – I was put on the spot. I join Matt up on stage to assist with half of the presentation in front of a full room of people.

One hour later, we were done. I was relieved. Get me out of here.

24 hours later, I sat on a plane staring out the window thinking back through that event. How could I have lived through that? I am not a public speaker. But I realized while on the plane, that it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all – and I wouldn’t mind doing it again!

Long story short, the lesson learned is to test your fears. You will never overcome them if you dont test them.

What fears are you living behind?

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2013 is the year.

2013 is now underway.
It began just a few short days ago – but there is still a lot of year left.

And guess what – this is the year.

This is the year for showing love.
This is the year for generosity.
This is the year for helping hands.
This is the year for caring for the needy.
This is the year for change.
This is the year for making an impact.

This is the year.

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A New One Has Come

The time has come. Another year has finished, with a new one starting.

It is hard to believe how quickly time goes by. It seems that every year goes by quicker and quicker. Which has brought me to think a lot over the past few months – if time is going by so quickly, am I using my time effectively?

I watched a video yesterday called “What’s Your Sentence?” I decided to write one for myself. “His desire and passion was to be a helping hand and make a difference in this world.”

What is your sentence?

As we move into this new year – take some time to reflect on how you are using your time. Are you doing what you enjoy? Are you making a difference?

Make your sentence. Live it out.

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Information is key.

Recently, I played a little game of Doctor with my MacBook Pro.  We underwent an operation.  An operation that required opening up the machine.  The objective?  To upgrade the RAM.  It was an upgrade that was needed for some time, but I kept putting it off.  Lately, I have been doing more and more on my laptop, even throughout the work day.  While I am a large multi-tasker, my laptop was not.  This was evident in the slow response at times, also known as the spinning wheel of death.  After enough frustration, it was time to take the plunge.

While going through the process of ordering and installing the RAM upgrade, I began to think over the fact that I should have done this a long time ago.  Why did I wait until now?

I was slow.  I was outdated.  I was behind on the times.

With ten minutes worth of work, I was back up to speed.  I had updated my machine to meet the new standards of today.

While I realize that hardware upgrades, such as my RAM upgrade, can be expensive and burdensome to someone’s budget – I see the importance of staying up-to-date.  Not necessarily with hardware specs or owning the latest and greatest, but with information.

Every day, new information becomes available – all at the touch of our fingertips.  News articles, product releases, emerging technologies, scientific breakthroughs, and hours of media.  While it is certainly impossible to stay up-to-date on every single bit of new information – information is key.  There is value in information.

Staying up-to-date with the most relevant information to your life, like the specific skill set that you excel in, or the company you run, or the hobby you enjoy – know the latest and greatest will always push people to you when they have questions.  It shows value in you.

And it doesnt take a lot of time.  Set aside 10-30 minutes everyday to hop online to the relevant news source of your choice, or flip on the news channel of the TV, or scan the different related emails in your inbox.  It is worth it in the long run.

Remember – information is key.

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