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4 Key Predictions for the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season [Infographic]

The holiday spirit seems to be overflowing nationwide. As people have grown weary and worn by the pandemic and recent election, the whole nation is more than ready to begin celebrating the holidays far earlier than usual to have something uplifting to focus on and talk about. What does this mean for your business? Shopping is starting far earlier and eCommerce is about to have an incredible record year. To capitalize on the market trends, make sure you are putting your marketing dollars and work efforts in the right places!

4 Key Predictions for the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season Infographic Image

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Seven Ways to Create Killer Marketing Videos [Infographic]

81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool with almost 77% saying results have followed. Those are pretty serious numbers, but don’t expect these results if you just rough and ready a video together. Video marketing takes thought, energy, and great execution just like anything else. They should be built as a part of your greater marketing campaign strategy to help funnel in leads and strengthen your inbound marketing prowess. Determining the message, desired outcome, and audience of each video is crucial. Check out these tips to make sure you are making the most of your videos.

Seven Ways to Create Killer Marketing Videos Infographic Image

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10 Twitter Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2020[Infographic]

Twitter is a marketing gold mine for those with the know-how to see it and capture its potential marketing powers. The social platform giant boasted 330 million monthly users with 145 daily users. 500 million additional consumers access Twitter without even logging into an account. These numbers are not insignificant and are well worth the marketing dollars. The demographic is right where the money is with the majority of users being between 35-65 years of age. Utilize this data and pair it with the best times to tweet your message to take advantage of this popular platform.

10 Twitter Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2020 Infographic Image

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How to Handle Employee One-on-One Meetings[Infographic]

Many employees dread their one-on-one performance meetings, but oftentimes that is due to feeling that they have no voice, are misunderstood, or that management doesn’t really care. This is a waste of time for a company all around. So how can you make sure these meetings are fruitful not only for your employees but management as well? Realize these meetings have a great purpose. This is not only time for top-down communication, but also communication from the bottom-up. Your employee should be allowed and encouraged to express their highlights and lowlights, what they believe is or isn’t working, and what their goals and desires are of themselves and their roles. People want and need to feel valued and are the heart of every organization. Make sure your company is taking advantage of these tips to make your meetings more productive and meaningful for everyone.

 How to Handle Employee One-on-One Meetings Image

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Why Podcasting Matters to Marketing [Infographic]

Podcasts have gained much momentum over the past few years becoming one of the hottest ways to consume entertainment, and it is yet another way to utilize inbound marketing. Creating a podcast is a great way for companies, especially marketing companies, to become a resource to their consumer audience. Not only is it another medium for consumers to see and access your brand, but it also gives you another chance to reinforce your expertise as a valued asset to your listeners. Podcasts are also a great advertising outlet to take advantage of. Check out the quick stats below or read the full article by clicking on the infographic.

Why Podcasting Matters to Marketing Infographic Image

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10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost B2B Sales [Infographic]

Last week, we took a look at how to utilize inbound marketing to become a trusted resource to your target audience, but what good is it if the content you send out is outdated and unengaging? Email marketing is a crucial piece of your inbound marketing strategy, yet too many businesses don’t take the time to discover what will really grab the attention of their consumer. Marketing as a whole is becoming far more personalized and dynamic in order to one-up the competition and capture the target audience’s attention. Don’t throw away your marketing budget. Learn the best ways to utilize your email marketing. Details like segmenting your audience, honing in your subject line, and coordinating ad campaigns can make a massive impact on your click-through rate. Improve your sales with these email marketing tips.

10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost B2B Sales Infographic Image

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A Basic Guide on Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

Inbound Marketing is a pivotal strategy every company should take advantage of. Instead of the focus being on traditional marketing to consumers, Inbound Marketing prizes the concept of becoming a resource to the consumer. By using whitepapers, blogs, and service-oriented messaging, companies can shift from being just another brand to becoming an instrumental resource to their consumers’ decision process. Becoming a service to your audience allows you to better integrate your brand into the fabric of the consumers’ natural thought pattern. For example, when looking to buy a new air conditioner, instead of googling the best units, a consumer can click directly through to the helpful resource brand’s website that has already sent them an email on the best air conditioning units of 2020. It’s a whole lot easier to close the sale when your consumer has already chosen your company as a trustworthy source. Check out below to see how you can capitalize on inbound marketing.

A Basic Guide to Inbound Marketing Infographic Image

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How Companies Can Get 59% More Growth in Revenue [Infographic]

At times, producing and achieving growth in the workplace can seem complicated, even daunting. Often we find ourselves chasing abstract theories to increase sales or production, but really, getting back to the basics is all it takes. Have you ever heard of the additive effect? It’s a scientific concept emphasizing that each element of a compound has a unique role and it’s own added value in predicting an outcome. Basically, each piece is critical in order to get the desired outcome, so how is this concept applied to the professional world? Many studies have found the key elements to achieve significant natural growth in the workplace are effective managers, talented employees, an engaged workforce, and an environment built around employee strengths. Check out these key concepts to see what changes you can make in your company to naturally grow your revenue.

 How Companies Can Get 59% More Growth in Revenue Infographic Image

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Why your marketing strategy needs emojis [Infographic]

According to World Emoji Day, over 700 million emojis are used every day in Facebook posts, and more than half of all Instagram posts use at least one emoji. These little guys have won their way int0 every form of digital communication, and the marketing world is taking notice! 56% of brands that incorporated emojis in their email marketing saw higher response rates. Emojis allow consumers to connect with a brand at a more emotional level than compared to just text. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach your target audience at a deeper level!

Why your marketing strategy needs emojis Infographic Image

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The COVID-19 Stats Every Brand and Marketing Team Need to Know[Infographic]

Life has changed for America and most of the world in the last few months. More than 100,000 businesses have closed forever as the nation’s pandemic toll escalates The Washington Post, May 12, 2020. As businesses struggle to adapt to a world with Corona, marketing strategies have also had to pivot. Lifestyles have changed. Employees are adjusting to working from home which has its challenges especially when some schools have chosen distance learning. Check out these stats on who’s working from home. Click the infographic to find additional stats on COVID’s effect on businesses in the U.S.


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