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10 Marketing Trends for 2021 [Infographic]

We may never fully understand just how much the COVID-19 pandemic and politics of 2020 have impacted the world, our nation, and ourselves. Remote work is believed to increase 300% from pre-2020 levels. Not only that, but certain aspects of how we view the world, our lives, and our consumption habits have shifted. Truth and transparency have become highly important commodities, social media influencers have grown their impact significantly, and hybrid user experiences such as virtual live concerts are becoming the latest trend. Check out these few ways 2021 marketing has shifted to accommodate the new normal.

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How to Reduce Workplace Stress [Infographic]

2021 is off and running. With a new year comes new budgets, new goals, and new timelines, and with all those elements usually comes stress. There are many different ways work can be stressful. For some, there is too much to do and too little time. For others, it is just the opposite. It could be you don’t feel your career is going anywhere, or perhaps you have a rough relationship with your supervisor. Whatever the reason, no one enjoys the feeling of excessive stress. Here are some ways you can relieve the burden and cope within your workplace.

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39 Ultimate Email Marketing Statistics in 2021 [Infographic]

If you think email marketing has no prominent place in your marketing campaign, think again. Email marketing converts 40 times more leads than Facebook and Twitter combined according to The Blue Ocean Group. This is an incredibly effective outlet that every company should be paying attention to and taking advantage of. Check out the stats below to see how email marketing stacks up against social ad marketing and the tricks of doing it right.

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5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes [Infographic]

Mobile marketing optimization can easily get overlooked but is a costly error a company cannot afford to make. Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever to shop and research companies and products. Be sure you aren’t making these detrimental mistakes. Here is a list of the top five things you can do wrong when mobile marketing, but don’t despair if you identify with one or many of these. They are easily fixed!

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The State of Digital 2020 – 2021 [Infographic]

2020 has finally come to a close. What a year it has been. Lots of change! What have we learned? How have things changed for our industry over the Covid19 pandemic, and how will we move forward in this new environment? Check out the infographic to see the latest data on digital consumer behavior so you can make sure your 2021 plans are on track.

The State of Digital 2020 – 2021 Infographic Image

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How to Improve Internal Communication in 10 Steps [Infographic]

According to a Towers Watson study, companies with highly effective communication practices enjoy 47% higher total returns to shareholders compared to organizations with poor communication. That’s a pretty incredible stat, yet so many companies refuse to believe that investing in their own internal communications is truly worth the effort. The saying, “People don’t quit businesses. They quit managers” comes to mind. Employee buy-in and commitment to work hard is the real-life consequence of this endeavor.  Either companies are encouraging better communication or they are not. Take time to make sure your business is investing time into these 10 ways to improve internal communication. With such seemingly common-sense practices put in place, a business can greatly increase productivity, morale, and teamwork.

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8 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

Social media is a vital component of any business’s marketing campaign. Once seen as an extra or only for young companies, social media now has a prominent role in every business’s success or lack of. How are consumers to engage with your company and brand if they have nothing to engage with? The emotional and personal connection between consumer and company has never been so intertwined and pivotal, so don’t think for a moment that social media isn’t worth putting marketing dollars on. Give social platforms the attention they deserve and help increase your brand’s reputation and equity, but don’t overdo it. Social platform interaction is critical, but there are common pitfalls businesses can make. Check out these common social media mistakes businesses make to be sure they aren’t undermining your marketing efforts.

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11 Retail Holiday Marketing and Loyalty Stats You Should Know for 2020 [infographic]

With Christmas fast approaching, consumers everywhere are bustling about to hurriedly finish their holiday shopping. Ironically most of this bustling will be virtual this year with only 31% of consumers intending to visit their favorite brick-and-mortar stores.  This will be in incredible record setting year for online purchasing with very brand doing what they can to make sure they get a piece of the pie- or fruitcake, in this instance. While many consumers will look to their trusty go-to brands for purchasing, 39% of shoppers say they will spend more time browsing other brands this year giving opportunities for lesser-known businesses to put their marketing dollars to work in order to lead people to their websites and close the sale. Check out these stats for the 2020 holiday shopping season.

11 retail holiday marketing and loyalty stats you should know for 2020 Infographic Image

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