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Realities of Marketing Pipeline Growth [infographic]

With one month gone, sales and marketing teams may already be feeling the squeeze of meeting their sales goals for Q1. With budgets rarely what anyone would wish for, marketing teams everywhere try to make something out of mostly nothing. With so little dollars to go around, creativity, know-how, and charm are the grease behind most pipeline productivity. The comfort of this? Almost everyone is in the same boat. Check out the stats compiled in this survey of marketers sharing the challenges and solutions they’re pursuing in 2024.

Realities of Marketing Pipeline Growth Infographic

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Key Events To Plan For in 2024 [infographic]

January 2024 has almost come and gone already! It is hard to believe. Looking to the rest of 2024, we have a lot to look forward to. Below is a list of key dates and cultural events to keep an eye out for throughout the coming year. These dates, events, and monthly focuses are great tools to incorporate into your marketing campaign. These are things your audience is aware of, interested in, and engaging with, so take advantage and be aware of these easy points of connection.

Key Events To Plan For in 2024 Infographic

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Dos and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing [infographic]

Social media is a large part of any business’s brand and success today. It is the easiest and hardest way to connect with your customers. What do I mean? Doing your social media well can increase followers, build trust, and distinguish your company as a leader and thinker in your space. If done poorly, you will lose followers, destroy trust, and show yourself to be an amateur- not just on social media but in your industry. The takeaway? It’s important. You need to do social media well. You need to take time to educate yourself and your staff. You are either helping yourself or hurting yourself all of the time. Make sure you are helping your business thrive by checking out these essential dos and don’ts for social media marketing.

Dos and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing Infographic

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8 Visual Trends in 2024 [infographic]

If you are looking to refresh the look of your branding and marketing in 2024, look no further. Check out these 8 visual trends of 2024 that will grab your audience’s attention. With so much visual competition, it’s important to put in time and effort to make sure your content and branding are beautiful and engaging. These latest industry trends can help guide you in the right direction and help you start 2024 off on the right foot.

8 Visual Trends in 2024 Infographic

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5 Golden Rules for New Year Career Goals [infographic]

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2024? It is true that the older you get, the faster the time flies. Since the time is going to pass by anyway, make the best of it. I know many people forgo New Year’s resolutions because they simply plan on not following through with them. I know I’ve been there, but what if there was a way to make your career goals a reality? With these 5 golden rules, you can finally follow through on your dreams and life desires. As with most things in life, sticking to goals boils down to a matter of perspective and realistic expectations. Check out these 5 golden rules for your new year career goals.

5 Golden Rules for New Year Career Goals Infographic

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Christmas Around the World [infographic]

I always find it fun to look at different aspects surrounding the holidays we celebrate every year. It’s not uncommon for us to not even know the reason why the celebrations occur or the various traditions surrounding them. This week I thought it might be fun to recognize how different parts of the world celebrate Christmas. We know and see why and how we celebrate, but what about in Jamaica or Australia? Take a look at the infographic to learn how other parts of the world are going to be celebrating Christmas this year.

Christmas Around the World Infographic

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20 Ways to Succeed at Work [infographic]

I think everyone can relate to today’s topic, “20 Ways to Succeed at Work.” We have all felt stuck in our careers at times, at a loss as to how to get out of the rut we find ourselves in, or feeling trapped in our current position or role. How do we combat this? Can we change our circumstances, or are we truly stuck? I am of the viewpoint that we always have a hand in our own future. How we conduct our own actions, the work or education we decide to put into something or not, and our attitude are all things within our control that make an impact on the world around us. When we impact our surroundings in a positive way, we are impacting the people and the work around us positively. The result is sensible then that positive change would come out of this. “Be the change,” is a very real notion, so here are 20 ways to succeed at work. Take them by the horns and ride!


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6 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation [infographic]

LinkedIn is an incredible tool that can be a huge asset when generating B2B leads. The catch? You have to put in some work, but it is well worth the payout! You can use LinkedIn to your advantage by making meaningful connections to qualified leads by doing a little leg work through creating original content, focusing on a proper target audience, and building meaningful, lasting relationships. Put the time in now and watch your efforts pay out dividends. Take a look at these 6 expert tips to improve your LinkedIn generation strategy.

6 Tips for LinkedIn Lead Generation Infographic

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A Global Look at Holiday Shopping [infographic]

The holidays snuck up on us faster than ever this year it seems. Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is fast approaching. It seems as soon as November hits, everyone flips the switch and the holiday shopping begins in a frenzy. Believe it or not, the expected global holiday spending for 2023 is expected to be around 1.56 trillion dollars. Trillion. Do you need to sit down? Because that is an incomprehensible number. Forget about the ensuing locker pitch. I just couldn’t ignore the amazing data in this graphic. Check out the mind-blowing global holiday shopping breakdown from mobile shopping and e-commerce to specific days of expected spending booms. The numbers are incredible.

A Global Look at Holiday Shopping Infographic

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