Turn down a job promotion? Yes, you read it right. Just because someone offers you a promotion doesn’t mean you should take it. It is tempting- incredibly tempting. Sure it might make you feel needed by your boss or simply give a nice boost to your ego or self-confidence, let alone the salary increase could be motivating, yet none of these make it a good decision. Before you get wrapped up in the pageantry of the offer or perhaps the heroic fantasy of seeing yourself making the changes needed to make the department succeed, take a beat to slow down and really consider if this is the right thing for you, your family, and your career. Remember, no one needs you, you are replaceable, so try to let go of that tug of the company needing you specifically to fill this role. If you turn it down, they will find someone else in a month. They are going to do what is best for them. You need to do what is going to be best for you. Take a look at these 7 reasons to turn down a promotion.

7 Reasons for Turning Down a Job Promotion Infographic

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