Every medium of marketing has its own rules to play by. The playbook varies in its rules from email marketing to social media marketing to video marketing. Just like sports, yes, many are similar in that they all use a ball of some sort, but the rules vary greatly for each. That’s what makes them unique and connects them to different people in different ways. It’s the same with marketing. Some people who don’t understand a lot about marketing tend to think they can treat everything the same and use the same strategy across multiple modes of marketing, but that would be like applying the rules of soccer to every other sport and expecting the same success. Social media has its own rules just like email marketing and video marketing have theirs. Some of these you may already be familiar with, but it never hurts to make sure you are playing the social media game within the correct bounds of the rules. Check out these do’s and don’ts of social media marketing.

24 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts infographic

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