Sales is a tough gig. Goals are often set high with resources short of the ideal. Landing a prospect takes countless other rejections, so how do you make sure you don’t lose your prospect at hand? Here is a guide that provides 10 questions to move a sale forward. What’s the biggest takeaway? Listen. Sales is often associated with a chatty salesman who doesn’t ever really care to get to know you, but that is a sure way to lose a potential client. Taking time to learn about the prospect should be your main goal. Let them do the talking. Find out their needs, where your product meets those needs and eliminates pain points for them, and don’t be afraid to ask about budget. You can’t know how to help them unless you know how much help they can afford. Don’t waste your time and theirs by not doing the due diligence of knowing who they are and how you can fill in the gaps. By asking these 10 questions, you can be sure to close the deal.

10 Questions To Move A Sale Forward Infographic

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